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Closet Must-Have: The Pantsuit

Let’s face it–when we think of the pantsuit, we think of boxy blazers, shoulder pads, high waisted pants, geometric color blocking (which, by the way, are so bright it looks like your box of crayons threw up everywhere) and polyester ruffled blouses. See Exhibits A and B: 

Exhibit A: Google Image

Exhibit A: Google Image

Exhibit B: Google Images

Exhibit B: Google Images

Okay, these aren’t exactly the power outfits you want to wear to the interview for that hot new job that hit the market, or to that hot new job you just landed. “What do you have in mind?” you dare to ask? Well… ask and you shall receive!

This, my friends, is the must-have closet essential: 

Selena Gomez wearing Versace. Google Images

Selena Gomez wearing Versace. Google Images

Zendaya wearing Christian Siriano. Google Images

Zendaya wearing Christian Siriano. Google Images

Polyvore: TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore: TheMakeUpofBeauty

Now before you tell me that the plunging neckline on Selena is too risque or that the bright magenta on Zendaya can come across as offensive in the office…. I know. Trust me, I am not trying to get you fired for sexual harassment or to annoy your colleagues with a bright colored suit. I am merely trying to show you the difference between a horribly dreadful suit and a friggin’ gorgeous suit that you can literally do anything in (hence your ‘power outfit’). 

This is just a guide to the essentials to the pantsuit that can literally do no harm. You can mix and match pieces, dress them up for a formal event or to wear to work, or dress them down for a more casual look for brunch or anything else you want to SLAAAAY. 

The piece I put together on Polyvore is perfect for either scenario…neutral but still sophisticated and sets the tone and shows everyone you mean BUSINESS even if you are just making an endless amount of copies and getting that Venti misto with non fat milk (and it better be non fat milk or ELSE)–but at least you’ll look damn good doing it. 

You most likely already have some (or all) of these pieces in your closet, but what you really need to invest in is the perfect fit. You can have the nicest, most expensive item and it will look like a garbage bag on you if it does not fit perfectly. I cannot stress this enough! Invest in a descent blazer/jacket and well made slacks. Even if they do not fit you perfectly, get them tailored to perfection and you will be golden! You can wear a great cotton t-shirt for a more casual look, wear the pants alone with a great blouse, wear the blazer with great fitted jeans and kitten heels…the list is endless. Use your imagination or try apps like Polyvore to “try” the pieces on before investing in them and to get a feel for putting together different looks. 

Power to the pantsuit!



Spring 2016 Collection

This spring, I wanted to create outfit inspirations that will work for every body. A lot of the ideas came from my own closet, ensembles coveted from people I have met, know, or have seen on the world wide web, or ideas I have gathered outside of my 5″ screen. Here is a look at my Spring 2016 Collection, created just for you, with our curves in mind. 

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: A great pair of ponte knit pants and a blushing trench.

Why I love it: Ponte knit is perfect for when you need a clean and tailored look and finishes off every outfit. It can turn a casual outfit into a more sophisticated and professional ensemble, or it can even be super sexy when paired with the perfect shoe and accessories. The trench’s structured and tailored lines offer sophistication while lending the perfect amount of color without too much commitment. 

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: Chiffon dress, vibrant clutch, cork sole heels

Why I love it: Chiffon is the perfect material to accentuate all your curves but is also great for when you need conceal all the areas you want to hide. The pleats in this dress are my favorite part about the outfit–they are so pretty and with the different color on the inside of the pleat, it gives us a little element of surprise and lets you play around with color in an interesting way. The vibrant clutch is also a fun accessory and allows you more freedom to easily experiment with styles and colors. The cork sole heels are great because there is an unusual textural difference that gives the dress more edge but still is a beautiful addition and keeps it flirty and feminine. 

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: “Boyfriend” jeans

Why I love it: Boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite styles of denim. They can be worn on the looser side with sandals like the ones pictured above or some cool kicks and a great blazer, finished off with a great bag and nude lippy. Or they can be worn on the tighter side and worn with some kitten heels, a great button down or vintage t-shirt for a sexy, edgy vibe. So versatile and so comfy. 

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: Chambray t-shirt dress

Why I love it: Chambray, bay-bay! (Okay sorry, I was trying to rhyme and sound cool, but that was a horrific attempt and I succumb to my failures.) Denim t-shirt dress, need I say more? How freaking cute is this?! Paired with Converse, your work out sneakers, wedges, boots… anything really, and you have yourself a damn good-looking outfit with minimal effort. Perfect for the transition from Winter-to-Spring-to-Summer. Love. 

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: Knitted sweater skirt

Why I love it: Okay, you may be asking yourself “A knitted sweater skirt for Spring?” YES. Yes, yes and more yes. Because this is a chunky, heavy looking garment, you have to balance it out with something light on the top and the bottom. This great sleeveless button down blouse and great strappy heel are the perfect examples. There is an interesting contrast here but it works. And you can take the skirt into the colder months too, with some great tights, knee-high boots and a great jacket or blazer, and boom! Re-purposing your closet like a pro!

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: Duster and floral heels

Why I love it: This duster and these heels are EV-ER-RY-THING! Can you read the excitement right now? The duster is so cute and perfect for the spring. It is light weight and easy, but still makes other people think you took the time to wake up and get dressed. But the heels…c’mon! These are the show-stoppers here. They literally say “SPRING”. With the amount of colors in the shoe, you can practically wear them with anything! 

Polyvore - TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore – TheMakeUpofBeauty

Must Haves: White dress

Why I love it: Okay, I am totally breaking rules here. White pants found their way into numerous looks of mine so far in this collection, and now we have a white dress. *GASP*, someone call the Fashion Police; we have a triple homicide of slaying it on our hands. Woop woop. (That was supposed to be sirens…again, sorry for my bad jokes.) You honestly cannot go wrong with a white garment, specifically a dress, and even more specifically, a dress this drop-dead gorgeous. The high-low style, showing a little leg action while cinching at the waist and the beautiful detailing at the bottom…ugh. I can’t even. 

Go forth with these looks and be your beautiful self. Comment below which one was your favorite and if you recreate or wear one of the looks, tag me on all my social media with #themakeupofbeauty so we can chat! 

Haul + Unboxing | JustFab

My very first haul AND unboxing all in one! I am not sure if you would consider this a “haul”, however, it was an unexpected shopping experience that crept up in the middle of the night while I was going through all of my junk e-mails. I saw the persistent e-mail from the subscription giant JustFab and remembered I needed to skip the month before I was charged the $39.95 fee for not spending any money (insert confused meme here). 

The e-mail subject lurred me in as the marketing team for this company knew it would: “Introducing our new plus line!” or something enticing like this tag line. 

This wasn’t click bait. It was what you had expected–beautiful photos of barely plus-sized models strutting their stuff in the Sahara desert as if they don’t need any water while modeling in a bagillion degree weather. Then you have the barely plus-sized models being all sexy and model-y by the pool at some hot LA spot. At one point I had to close the browser and go back to the website and click on the “Plus” section again because I wasn’t sure if I had still been searching in that category because all the models WERE NOT PLUS SIZE. It could have been me, squinty-eyed, barely awake being that it was probably around 1 am, but I am almost positive, I didn’t see any plus size models. I digress…this is not a rant unboxing, this is a clothing unboxing. Moving along. 

I have been all over ripped jeans lately. I don’t know if it’s because I am channeling my inner rebel, hobo, or Kardashian, but “SLAY, QUEEN” happens when I wear them, and that is always a good thing, right? I really wanted to test out the quality of them and was super interested in their jeans. I am in the market for a new pair and for $39.95, I wanted to see if they would live up to the price. That isn’t expensive by other retailer’s standards, but they are more than Old Navy, and they aren’t complete garbage, so I thought I’d give them a try. I mean, they’re ripped anyway, so if they do get destroyed, at least I could say I bought them that way. 

For the summer, I wanted a new pair of white jeans because I seem to lose every white pair of jeans I ever owned (UGH) and I wanted a regular dark denim pair. Along with the jeans I bought two pair of heels…damnit, they got me!

I received my package within four or five days of purchasing (it was late on a Saturday night, so add the weekend in for processing time). I wanted to rip open the box but I purchased the jeans and shoes with the intentions of this post so I had to refrain from getting too excited and prancing around the house prior to creating the content for this piece. SO. Hard. 

I took them out of the box and they were packaged in plastic like expected. I gently RIPPED the plastic open (ahem…*gently*) and immediately I was slightly disappointed. The jeans felt and wore more like jeggings than actual denim jeans–I was not expecting this. It did feel like a good quality, though–not like the jeggings you’d buy and instantaneously burn a hole in the crotch region from excessive wear (…this doesn’t happen to you? woops, nevermind). So I put them on (I wish I had a picture of this but to spare your eyes and my embarrassment, luckily I do not have proof but just take my word for it) and they are clearly not designed for us shawties out here. I am about 5’3″ and there was a good 2-4 inches of fabric (I can’t do math) bunched up at my ankles and the inseam did not fit properly. The “crotch region” (WHAT DO I CALL THAT???? … sorry) was about 2 inches away from where it should have been so I had to hike up the jeans more than I wanted, but DANG my booty looked good if I do say so myself. Already slaying even with a wonky crotch area. Both pair of jeans fit this way, so it had nothing to do with the color. 

The shoes fit as expected since I have purchased shoes from them before. I needed a new sandal but I wanted something girly and these fit the bill. I purchased two of the same style, one in black and one in a pretty yellow shade, which I just realized will go perfectly with a dress I bought last year on a whim that I already know where I will wear this–holy excited!

Apparently, JustFab offers rewards when you gain a certain amount of points and for some of the points I had ‘banked’ in my account (purchasing earns you points), I was able to get Burt’s Bees lipstick. They didn’t have a ton of colors (I was only able to select one from three different shades) so I picked the red shade. It has a slight fragrance to it, which is not bad nor is it overpowering–it just doesn’t smell like your typical lipstick (plastic-y), which is totally a good thing. It glides on like a chap stick but has great color and is surprisingly pigmented. 


I am short–approximately 5’3″

I have a rather larger derrière for my height so this might have something to do with it. They fit perfectly around my waist (I wear a size 18 in almost everything else so the fit was perfect–I probably could have gone down a size which could have helped with the extra gap in the lady-bits area)


For the price, make sure you compare your measurements to what they suggest. They may be too long on you if you are of a shorter stature, but their waist measurements run pretty true to size. 

Their quality is so-so. They don’t seem like they are going to wear horribly, but like I said, they are already ripped so if they start to wear, then at least you can try to pass it off as already have been that way 😉

I will definitely be wearing these jeans during the summer. I do not regret this purchase at all. I just have to roll up the jeans maybe once so they aren’t bunched up at the ankles but they have a lot of potential. 

Slay, queens. ❤


REVIEW| Essie Gel-Setter Kit

The day has come upon us all where I have officially decided to take my manicure into my own hands (literally and no pun intended). I have caved and purchased the Essie Gel-Setter Ultimate Wear and Shine Color Kit. Let us proceed. 

Up until recently, I have worn a gel polish every single day for the past year and a half, without any time in between manicures. That has to be pretty awful for the health of my nails (and my wallet) so I wanted to give myself my own manicure, but I wanted the look and wearability of a gel manicure but at the comfort of my own home and without the cost. I was spending approximately $84 a month (just a manicure and a tip for the technician; this doesn’t include my eyebrow waxing+tip), which translates to approximately $1,344 for the year and a half that I wore a gel manicure. What. The. F#!%&!??!?!?! Up until this very moment, I had never done the math on this and it infuriates me to say the least. 

Anyway, I went ahead and purchased this kit for $15.00 (free shipping to Prime members) on Amazon.  I did a few trials before conducting this review mainly because I forgot (woopsies) but also, I wanted to try different nail polishes with the top coat to see how it wore. Here are some things I found: 

  • The polish I picked was very streaky and was the first one I tried with the top coat. “Ballet Slipeprs” by Essie (which came in the kit) is very opaque and hard to get an even coat. I kept it on despite how weird it looked and it lasted less than a whole week before it started chipping and peeling off in one layer rather than small chips here and there.
  • The next polish I tried was a Sally Hansen quick dry color. It was a metallic shade and although I wasn’t thrilled about the color, the application was very good and it lasted a week, which was longer than the Essie polish I tried the first round. 
  • Following the Sally Hansen, I tried another Essie polish, my favorite…Sugar Daddy. It is the perfect shade of light pink (I think this is the color you get when you get the traditional French manicure at the nail salon–if it isn’t, it’s a pretty close runner up and very beautiful) and is not too sheer but builds up in opacity with a second or even a third coat (I normally do three coats). This shade wore the best, lasting almost a week and a half! Crazy! 

$15 and an hour of my own time at home got me three manicures (and counting)! I just saved $69 by not going to the nail salon. 


  • The first time I tried the polish and top coat, I filed and shaped my nails per usual, but I did notice that I did not do the one step the salons do when I have gotten a gel manicure: I did not buff my nails prior to putting the first coat of polish on. This could have been the death of my first manicure using this kit but I still think the opacity of that polish had something to do with it. 
  • I wore the polish as if it were actually a gel polish (this does not claim to be a gel polish–it claims to offer the shine and look of a gel polish. Some reviews were negative because other consumers expected to get what an actual gel manicure offers with this product and were disappointed when it didn’t live up to it). I washed dishes, showered, fought crime…the usual.
  • The 2nd manicure, I made sure my nails were completely dry and buffed–almost a rough texture so that the polish was better able to stick to my nails. Same conditions–fighting crime, washing dishes…
  • I never used a base coat with any of the polishes. A lot of reviews I found suggested to using one (even videos and tutorials I found on YouTube) but I didn’t have one I wanted to use with this experiment so I didn’t try it this time around.

The Verdict

Two thumbs up. I highly recommend this product. The shade “Ballet Slippers” isn’t my favorite for a few reasons: the level of opacity is too much, streakiness makes it hard to get an even coat, and the color is too pale for me.  In my opinion, it is not necessary to only use Essie polishes with the top coat, but a base coat may very well be a way to prolong the life of the manicure. Also making sure that your nails are completely dry and buffed prior to applying anything is a huge must in order to ensure the polish sticks to your nails. For someone who is looking for a really inexpensive manicure you can get at home that looks great towards the end of week one, going into week two with little to no chips or peels, this is definitely the product for you! I will definitely be repurchasing, and next time with a great base coat. 




How to Wear 2016 Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Photo: Pantone

Photo: Pantone

For the first time, Pantone has introduced the blending of two colors,  Rose Quartz and Serenity, as Color of the Year for 2016. They are making their entrance in a big way: being a first at sharing the spot light. 

The two seamlessly blend together and are the perfect pair for Spring and Summer this year. About a year and a half ago, I saw a blazer from Torrid in this beautiful rose-y pink shade and I instantly knew it was going to be a staple in my closet. Sure enough, Pantone picks it up as one of their colors of the year, sharing the stage with a beautiful pale blue. 

The two shades are perfect alone but are even better together. They are not overpowering, yet they compliment each other just enough to make a statement without obviously declaring you are wearing paint card samples you swiped from Home Depot. 

If you aren’t sure of how to wear either color (or both), start in small doses. The blue can seem scary, even with the name like “serenity”, so if you are not one for a ton of color, use that shade in accessories. Wear it as a polish, a great handbag, or even a great pair of pumps. It will add the perfect amount if you are still trying to figure out how to incorporate different shades of colors into your wardrobe without completely committing to such a drastic change. 

The rose quartz sounds intimidating–rose or quartz, what are you?! Really, it is just any shade on either spectrum of pale pink; you can go a little darker or a little lighter–anywhere within that realm. I LOVE this shade and I love this shade in any article of clothing. It is such a feminine yet sophisticated shade, without being too juvenile or calling too much on “ballerina” or “Pretty, Pretty, Princess”.  It is perfect in blazers (i.e. the aforementioned blazer that found its forever home in my closet), nail polishes, eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, pumps, a great pair of ponte pants, flats…the list goes on. You can do the same with this shade as with the blue if you are still unsure of how to incorporate color into your wardrobe. 

Photo: Polyvore Set Untitled #20, The MakeUp of Beauty

Photo: Polyvore Set Untitled #20, The MakeUp of Beauty

This is a set I created to show how to incorporate the two shades together–you can wear them as shown or you can keep everything basic and neutral, and go with a pop of color in either the hand bag or the blazer. 

Whatever you do, do it so that it makes you feel good–not what I or anyone else says. This is meant just as a guide to give you some ideas to see how you can play with color in fashion and to not be afraid. There are no rules. If you feel good in it, nothing will stand in your way. 

When Fashion and the Interiors Collide

The mirrored exterior of the Christian Dior Spring 2016 Couture show in Musée Rodin for Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Architectural Digest

The mirrored exterior of the Christian Dior Spring 2016 Couture show in Musée Rodin for Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Architectural Digest

Prior to working for a furniture store centralized around interior design and custom-everything, I had a very narrow minded view on the interiors.  I also had a very specific fashion sense. I was young and was not exposed to much.  Working in the interior design field for nearly five years now and graduating with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management almost a year ago (!), my views on both industries have drastically changed. One aspect in particular was realizing how much both industries are connected and what their marriage offered each other.  

In fashion, inspiration is pulled from everything–the environment, inside and out, and other art, specifically in the form of interior design.  The two mirror each other in nearly every aspect: color pallettes, lines, silhouettes, form and function.  When designing a room or home, designers take in every aspect of the area and dress it with pieces that accentuate the space, creating a place where beauty meets function, yet still maintaining a unique identity of the home owner. The same is said for fashion.  When an artist is designing a garment, he takes an idea and uses the human form to execute it, keeping in mind the silhouette of the consumer, how it will fall or hang, and the movement of the garment. The color palette is also crucial in the design process, which in both industries, can create different moods or themes central around the design. 

Heavy, leather military boots against the geometric, light hardwood floors bring textures and styles together to a whole new level. Photo: Architectural Digest

Heavy, leather military boots against the geometric, light hardwood floors bring textures and styles together to a whole new level. Photo: Architectural Digest

Inside, visitors found heavy military boots walking in sync against the geometric hardwood floors. The contrast between the edgy and forward ensembles and the different textures of wood flooring and crystal chandeliers offered the eye some movement as well as different focal points for the eye to rest.  This is something both the fashion industry and the interiors practice often to create subtle yet powerful statements. 

Accessories are just as important as the main piece whether it is in fashion or interior design. It ties everything together and acts as a period at the end of the sentence (or an exclamation…and even sometimes a question mark). The chandeliers and the red accent lights creating a shadow over the models and the guests, reflecting against the mirrored pieces in the show, add so much more to the actual clothes being displayed on the runway.  Accessories set the mood and tone of the room as well as the outfit. Someone can be fully clothed but look completely naked if she isn’t wearing any accessories–the same goes for any space: it can be decked out with furniture, but look empty with no succulents atop a stack of great books nestled on an end table, or a great lamp lending a warm glow in the corner of the room next to a cozy chair and warm blanket. 

Inspiration can come from anything and everything, lending a helping hand wherever your art takes you. Both the fashion industry and the interiors are the perfect examples of this. There is no wrong answer, just whatever feels right. 

BEAUTY HACK: White Eyeliner

Okay beautiful people. When my makeup obsession began, I would literally read and watch everything I could if it had something to do with makeup and beauty. I still do and am still just as obsessed, but now it seems more normal and doesn’t feel as obsessive. One of the things I came across was white eyeliner. Weird, right? 

Do not fear—there is a real purpose for this beside what you may think. Everyone and anyone was raving about white eyeliner.  One use I saw for this was as a base for eye shadow. I saw a ton of YouTubers using this NYX  Jumbo pencil in Milk as a base for their eye shadow application and I immediately was like “Oh yes, I need this! I can totally replicate what they are doing if I had this!” Well, one, I didn’t need that, and two…no, no I cannot replicate that perfect eye shadow application with that pencil. I was still learning (still am) and needed  a ton more practice before I was a blending machine. Anyway…on to my hack. 

I could not find that pencil for the life of me, so I bought the skinnier, less expensive version. I found just a plain old white eyeliner from NYC (I think it was $1 or somewhere around there…pretty inexpensive at your local drug store). I got it home and immediately tried to use it as an eye shadow base. 

Nope. Not happening. It hurt so bad! Makeup is not supposed to hurt. 😦 

It was a total fail. It was not doing what the NYX pencil was doing for everyone else—gliding gracefully over the eyelid, creating the perfect canvas for some beautiful matte eye shadows. Your eyelid is a very thin piece of skin and hello, my eyeball is under it, so I am not about to be dragging this thing over my eyelid, potentially poking my eyeball out and going blind. DIsclaimer: That probably won’t happen to you but I tend to overreact. It’s the Italian in me. 😉 Moving on. 

I then saw people using it in their water line, creating the doe-eyed, more awake, lover-of-life look.  Well, again, that freakin’ pencil was not cooperating. In my drawer it went to live peacefully with all its other friends. 

Until my wolverine-like brows came along. 

*Light bulb!* Ah-ha! I’ll use it on my brows! No, not to fill them in, but to trace out my brows! Using my white eyeliner on the hairs I wanted to remove created the perfect guide to tweezing the little monsters that had started taking over my forehead. “Why don’t you just go get them waxed?” you may ask. Well, because this girl is lazy af on my days off and I didn’t want to get shamed into waxing the layer off my lip or chin. Jeesh. Can’t a girl live? 

Anyway, I traced out my perfect eyebrow shape with the eyeliner and I went to town. Let me tell you…that was so easy. I swear I wish I knew about this trick years ago–it would have saved me a ton of trouble (and my eyebrows). If, on days, you don’t feel like leaving your house, socializing with humanity, or being shamed into getting a full body wax, try this. You will be amazed.  You can thank me later. 😉




REVIEW: Bestope Premium Makeup Brush Set

I finally gave in and decided to start a free trial of Amazon Prime (spoiler alert: I am not cancelling the trial) and to justify the yearly membership, I went on a huge shopping spree. Not really huge, but for the amount of things I purchased in the small amount of time I have had the membership, I would consider it fairly large.  I somehow thought in my very irrational mind that since shipping is free, I have to buy a bunch of crap that I essentially don’t really need, but thought I did.  One of the items I purchased was a new set of makeup brushes. The majority of the brushes I use are from Sigma because the quality is great for their prices. However, I wanted new brushes and I actually needed them since I am really only working with one Sigma foundation brush and alternating that with a stippling brush from Real Techniques. I didn’t want to spend the money on Sigma (they really aren’t all that much considering what you are getting for the price) and wanted to try something new so I did some digging around, leading me to Bestope. 

I have no idea how to pronounce the name but they got some great reviews on Amazon and for the amount of brushes I received, the price was friggin’ amazing: $10.99 for 8 brushes. I was skeptical at first because where in the makeup land can you buy 8 brushes for $11 (NO shipping might I add)? Um, nowhere? I did a quick once over on the reviews…a good amount of people purchased them and it had great ratings. I went over to YouTube where I searched for the brushes and quite a bit of reviews came up (I hardly do anything without checking with YouTube first nowadays), so in my cart they went. 

I got them in the mail earlier than I had anticipated and was so excited to try them out! I took them out of the box and they were in a black nylon bag, perfect for traveling or storage. They were in individual plastic sleeves which is great because I would have been weirded out if they were just hangin’ out in the nylon bag with no protection. The packaging is nothing to write home about, but I am more concerned with the actual product than the packaging (although cute packaging doesn’t hurt). When I took them out of their sleeves, rays of golden light came pouring in my windows from the makeup Heavens (oh wait, that could have actually been the sun). But really, they were so much softer than I expected and the quality obvious immediately. On to my experience!

They. Are. Ah-mazing. SO soft, sturdy and they blended my makeup perfectly. I was so surprised something so inexpensive works like they do.  I initially washed them prior to using them and I left them on a towel to dry over night.  When I went to use them the following morning, I did notice one or two little hairs sticking out and I tugged on them ever-so-gently and out it came. Bummer.  But I had not experienced that after that one time.  Washing them was a breeze (well not really, I hate washing my brushes but they were fine post-wash). Easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy. Okay, ’nuff of that. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  BUY THEM! If you are in need of some brushes and aren’t ready to invest in name brand or pretty packaging, definitely try to get your hands on them. Even if you don’t need them right now… buy them anyway. 

*I paid for the set of brushes myself and am not sponsored by Bestope*

New Adventures

So I have been struggling with my career path lately, since after graduation and after completing my internship I did not land the dream job I was hoping for during my educational career. As humans, we are flawed in the sense that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others who are at different points of their life, and we are constantly fighting between growing into our own self and trying to compete with others whose circumstances and environment are completely different than our own. I have to constantly remind myself of this and sometimes it is harder some days than most, and sometimes I feel like I can take on the world and sometimes I feel like the world is against me.

Recently I read online about how millennials are pretty much screwed. With the debt, the job market, the employment rate…we pretty much have a very small chance of ever experiencing buying our first home, 401Ks, mortgages, or owning pretty much anything any time soon. It’s not completely far fetched or something we will never attain, but it will certainly be harder to achieve and it will definitely take time…and a lot of it. I graduated later than I was supposed to but I did it, and with that comes a few positive things and few negatives. I am older,  therefore more mature and I have more of a clearer idea of what I want out of my life and my education. But the downsides are that now, when I thought I’d be looking to move out, get my first apartment, buy my own car (since mine is now 10 years old and I will need to get a new one soon), I am starting this stage of my life with nearly $90,000 in debt with a job that is no where near my field I graduated in. This all weighs down on me all the time but the scary thing is that I am not alone.

So I have decided, since it has proven rather difficult to find a job that will pay me what I need to pay down my debt and still be able to survive (if I take a job that is paying me less [but in my desired field] I will never be able to pay my student loans off or on time or to get ahead in life), to take matters in my own hands. Rather than looking for employers to hire me with “little to no experience” (everyone wants 5+ years…what a joke) I am starting my own employment opportunity. I took this image I dreamt up in my mind of The Makeup of Beauty and am turning it into a reality. I started my own website and will be putting more time and effort into this new adventure. If it doesn’t work out then at least I still have my job. I love my job and I love the people I work with and the organization as a whole, but I would almost be cheating myself if I don’t give myself the chance to do something I love and all my time in school and all that money spent will all be in vain. I deserve a shot at this.

Nothing is completed yet; this is all still in its preliminary stages but I figured I need to start talking about it sooner rather than later. I will be blogging more regularly, making more jewelry, and also freelancing as a personal stylist and consultant. Given my background, my appreciation and love for both industries, it only seems fitting. I will discuss more in detail about my plans but for now this is where I am headed and I hope you all join me on my journey.

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Movember Weight Loss Challenge Check-In


So at the beginning of the month I started a weight loss challenge with my coworkers and today marks the second fully completed week of participation. Collectively, we (a total of three women including myself) lost 6 pounds in this two week period! Our other coworker is participating in getting healthier but she is not participating in the weigh-ins since she doesn’t have a scale.

There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out but the main goal is that we are working towards a healthier self and that is all that matters.

Here are some things I have observed over the past few weeks during this challenge:

1). We all are working toward a common goal making our bond that much stronger
2). The support is amazing! Since we are doing this together (and there is a potential to win money at the end of the challenge), we are really working our butts off and get on each other’s cases about food, exercise and staying on track.
3). We share tips and offer advice.
4). I myself have been exercising more at the gym and I try to give my competitors a boost
5). This makes getting healthier fun and not scary! We are more likely to continue to do something if it offers enjoyment rather than discouragement.

Since this is the weekend before Thanksgiving, we are mentally preparing ourselves for what is in store for us. The challenge continues and I will post another update after the holiday to see who stayed on track or ate a little too much stuffing and pie next week! Stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving!

If you are doing a similar challenge, or are just trying to get back on track and stay on track, what are some of your tips or areas of improvement? Bumps in the road or where you really kick butt? I would love to hear!


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